Oct 25, 2009

Ω huha huha d Putrajaya Ω

Yesterday, I'm with my friends go to huha huha at Putrajaya and we've taking a lot of pix there . There are so many foreigner and visitors while we go there. That shows our Malaysia is popular right now and become 'the must country visited' . Wow, do you can imagine that if 1 day we can attract many foreigner to visit Malaysia and maybe we can have diplomatic relation with them . Hope there is 'No War' . Hurmm, I want live in a peace world where there is no fighting, no criminal, no war at all . Everyone was live in happiness, no suffer, but fulfilled with a lot of fun in life journey . This all pix we've taken while we are at Putrajaya . A lot of happiness and smile (= (= . . . .

PutraJaya ! Here we come !

 From left : sis aida , me , zieta and madi .

Me with madi .

Me with zieta (my lovely rummate)

Me with sis aida . War Combat guys !!

Last . . Jump High, guys to Show our Happiness !! 1 2 3 eyeayy !!