Apr 25, 2010

::.:: x . x Sentosa Island, Singapore 0_x :::

A central player within the emerging multi-billion dollar Sentosa-HarbourFront leisure precinct, Sentosa is Singapore’s premier island resort getaway and Asia’s leading leisure destination. (wow!)

Sentosa offering will be enhanced and strengthened when Resorts World at Sentosa opens in 2010.  Spanning 49 hectares, this S$6.59-billion mega resort will feature Southeast Asia’s first and only Universal Studios theme park, the world’s largest oceanarium, the region’s first integrated destination spa as well as some 1,800 rooms spread across six hotels with varying themes. (yeah, it is true!)

 At the Sentosa Island, we go to :

Ø  Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon

  • The oceanarium is underground and has an 83 meter long revelator that moves visitors along a submerged glass-windowed tunnel from which they can look at an array of marine life including a sharks and turtle. (but we just stay outside only because walllaweyyhh too expensive maaa!!)
  • But it is oukeyh because at the outside we had captured a picture which is my member with his lovely darling snake.
  • Wanna see the picture ? Click !!**

 Amir with his darling snake. EEyewww he want to kiss the snake!!! Weeekkqqq ):

Amir with his snake friends. both of them same like a siblings hahahaha lolx. No wonder lorr.... kahkahkahkah :))

 hahaha. this is kechik with her scary face when suddenly saw the sharks live at surface without water. lolx

 nurul !! a.k.a tupai (: show the sign of UnderwaterWorld

Next, we go to the: 
Ø  Siloso Beach

  •   Siloso Beach lies on the west portion of the southern coast and it is known as the place for beach volleyball and other outdoor activities such as canoeing, skim boarding, mountain biking or rollerblading.
  • What we have seen many tourist came here with their friends or family. they bring along their pet while playing the beach volleyball. What a suprise we seen that thing happened. it shows that Singaporean and the tourist were active in participants the sport that are organized by this Island even though the place were far from their hometown.
  • we not join and try to play the beach volleyball because the court that are provided are full already. and at the same time , we are in hurry because want to get ready for other activities at 6.30p.m.
  • Anyway, we have take a lot of picture at the beach. FYI, the beach at Sentosa Island are handmade, not naturalize itself. So, it is safe to swim and play with the water which is no big wave will come to you. Not deep at all too. Fun !!

 nurul with happy family tourist that came from Australia..huhuhu

amir with German tourist < Guten Tag ! > heee....

what a beautiful Island...Wish wanna go here twice again... hahahaha

nice right? timer shot !!! wow awesome neva expected..hahahaha

Last station we go to:

Ø  Song of the Sea

  • The Songs of the Sea show, started on 26 March 2007, replaced the 25-year-old Musical Fountain show.
  • It is the world's only permanent show set in the sea — boasting spectacular pyrotechnics displays, a live cast and an open-air viewing gallery which can comfortably accommodate 2,500 visitors.
  • The show runs twice a night at 7.40pm and 8.40pm and lasts 25 minutes. An entry fee of S$10.00 per person for the show. 
  • But we standby at 6.30p.m. Early for an hour before the show. You know why ? Because we want see the sunset. At that time, all of us was very excited waiting for the show. Hahahahaha. To get rid of the boring, of coz we pose !!! LOLx hahahaha

"Song of the Sea.." What a Beautiful Name (:

With 'Oscar' the tiger fish in the Song of the Sea show... KAWAAIIIIII  :)

Waiting for the sunset hahahaha. peace all peace. smile on face, shows that we were very excited neyh ~~

Later on, the seats will be full.. hahahaha chop chop ! better be hurry..

Finally....... waaahhhhhhhhh love ittttt...... beautifooolll... OMPrada..

until it lost.... ooohhh, please don't goooo.....

the show begin....

water - fire debbusshhhhh !!!

beautiful.. the scene that i love most...

 hologram lightning (:

 the Princess Amy woke up and smile behide the lightning in front of audiences....

Sentosa Island is the best place to visited if you go to Singapore. And for those who loves to try a different activity for example mountain biking, cable car, volleyball beach and so on, better spend you time and your money to go there. Overall, Singapore invited all of you to have a fun, experiences and enjoyment at Sentosa Island. Don't  miss the Song of the Sea show because the theater musical was very attracted and distracted by big fish name's Oscar that will come out through the water and invite you to sing together with them .

♥ Singapore!!!! Here We BOOM BOOM POW !! ♥

Wanna see a picture that we have captured while we at Singapore ? Haaaa taaarrraaaa... *plink plink KABOOOMMMM duuushhhhh!!!

  • My beloved classmate heeyy yoo!!! in the bus at the Johor Causeway. Excited maaa (:

  • The picture below: The view while we are on the Johor Causeway. The buildings' there was Johor Bahru.

again !

  • Next is: S'pore Immigrates' Gate > check check mate hahahaha lolx

  • Next, we go to the first station : ehem ehem... PLINK* Next Station: Singapore Sport Council
  •  haaa.. what we are doing here ?? okeyh let's go !!!!


  • we go here to take a notes about facilities and event management at this Jurong East Sports Complex (: . Activities: interviewed and interviewed and capt picture ! hahahaha lolx

  • wow !! long explanation by Mr. Khairul to us about the rules at this place.

  • as usual after arrived lorrr (: heeee

  • what we have in here ? let's see hummmm .. loading ...


  • LIKE THIS YAW ~ more n more !

  • u know what ? it is same as Sunway Lagoon !! hehehehe (:
  • again: what we do next ???

tarrrraaaaa..... snap snap shot !!

before we go home (: take lorrr some pix with miss cassandra . she's cute meyh ~

kawaiiiii ! miss cassandra huahahahaha

(︶ε︶メ) haloo haloo sizuka's BACK!! (︶ε︶メ)

WoWoWoWoWo, what a long long time i did not update my blog since 2009. OMGucci!!! hahahahaha LOLx. What a busy semester for this semester i guess. But as a conclusion for this sem, i'm very very enjoy and have a lot of fun because we had many outdoor trip. And all of them was knowledgeable. Where we have had learned a new skill, met a new friends, and new experiences learning. We go to Singapore, Camping at Kem Perah FRIM Kepong,Medical Cover at UKM, UIA, go for interviewed the manager of Phillip Wain Health Beauty and Fitness Centre, Damansara and much much more like more chips in Chipsmore !!! Waaahhh, really wanna go there once again dude !! I really mean it !

Nov 11, 2009

♪♫♫♪ Time to Back Hometown ♪♫♫♪

Waaahh, i can't wait to go home. I really-really miss my mom, dad, my brothers, also my cats. Hahaha. Hurmm, can't wait to  have a date with my boyfriends; enjoy movies, karaoke, bowling and shopping together. Ooh yeah, my mum and dad were ask me to do some part time  job in hotel as a waitress. But, i wish i must think first to do a right decision. Hehehe. Waaahhh, I really-really do miss my moms food. Isk isk. Homesick meyh. Uwaaa...

Sob Sob . Help me. hELP TO PICK UP ME HOME!!!

Nov 1, 2009

� tImeTabLe ExAminaTion �

  • CTU 553   (ethnic relation)

              SUNDAY 1-Nov-09

              09:00-11:00 a.m


  • SPS501 (BiOmEc)

             WEDNESDAY 4-Nov-09



  • SPE503 (Coaching)

              FRIDAY 6-Nov-09

              08:30-11:30 a.m


  • SRC501 (Sport comm.)

              MONDAY 9-Nov-09

              09:00-12:00 a.m


  • SPS451 (Physical fitneSs)

              TUESDAY 10-NoV-09



  • SRI501(coMputeR)

             SUNDAY 15-Nov-09

             09:00-12:00 a.m



Oct 25, 2009

Ω huha huha d Putrajaya Ω

Yesterday, I'm with my friends go to huha huha at Putrajaya and we've taking a lot of pix there . There are so many foreigner and visitors while we go there. That shows our Malaysia is popular right now and become 'the must country visited' . Wow, do you can imagine that if 1 day we can attract many foreigner to visit Malaysia and maybe we can have diplomatic relation with them . Hope there is 'No War' . Hurmm, I want live in a peace world where there is no fighting, no criminal, no war at all . Everyone was live in happiness, no suffer, but fulfilled with a lot of fun in life journey . This all pix we've taken while we are at Putrajaya . A lot of happiness and smile (= (= . . . .

PutraJaya ! Here we come !

 From left : sis aida , me , zieta and madi .

Me with madi .

Me with zieta (my lovely rummate)

Me with sis aida . War Combat guys !!

Last . . Jump High, guys to Show our Happiness !! 1 2 3 eyeayy !!

Sep 29, 2009

© Happy Hari Raya Everybody !! ©

Selamat Hari Raya . . Kepada saudara serta saudari . . Setahun, hanya sekali . . Merayakan hari yang mulia ini . .

That is Hari Raya song when Hari Raya is coming, where Muslim celebrate on 1st Syawal every year after fasting month on Ramadhan. The Hari Raya day was the best and special day to everybody. It doesn't matter celebrate with or without gathering such as open house. I'm not very happy celebrate Hari Raya for this  year. It is because I'm not go 'beraya' to my cousin houses. My father was busy on his duties. So, we just stay in house waiting for visitor and our cousins to come. That's mean no 'Duit Raya' lah . Aiii, what a poor and very-very sad . . Isk isk . Sob sob . By the way, on the 1st day Syawal, my mom order 'Satay' and she cooks a lot and variety of dishes . For example 'Rendang Daging' with 'Ketupat Nasi', 'Kuah Kacang', 'Ayam Masak Merah', 'Bihun Goreng', and 'Daging Masak Kicap'. For dessert have a ice-cream. So, no hal lorh, we just stay in our own house in 'pagi raya' because our stomach tank is always refill . Hahaha . Then go to toilet . Aiii . . like always . We have had taken a family picture in 'pagi raya'. Even I'm not happy for this year Syawal, the gathering family was the happiest moment in my life. Because I can see the happy tears in my dad and mom eyes. I can feel it. I'm sure that my friends also feel the same feeling as me. Right guys ?

the only daughter in family . . me lorh . ekekeke . Front: my beloved dad and mom.

my cutiest 'anak buah' [Qimi and Anje]

my brother with his lovely wife

Qimi always seeking for 'Duit Raya' ..

Anje happy di 'pagi raya'

Me .. [peace]

So, happy or unhappy we must enjoy the Hari Raya Day, right? Selamat Hari Raya everybody !! Maaf zahir . (=

Sep 14, 2009

� UPSI , Kami Mai La Tu Gak �

Inilah . . barisan kita . . 
Yang ikhlas berjuang . . 
Siap sedia berkorban . .
Untuk ibu pertiwi . .
haa . . this song we will sing while we want go to anywhere in one group . hahaha . so funny rite . anywhere , we are friendship but not friendshit . don't be naughty naughty naa and jealous jealous . oops, forgot . we are from sr223 of faculty sport sciences and recreation uitm shah alam . we are now in degree in sport science . This is a part of our class project of Fitness Evaluation Courses under En.Din . We must take a look a new equipment of fitness evaluation that doesn't have in our laboratory . The journey we are taking from uitm salam to go to the UPSI perak are about 2hour. OOh, in the bus all of us were in dreaming . . Hahahaha . So, non of us know where we are stopping even at the petrol station . Excited of course, plus plus with waaah . . hungry !! isk isk . After arrive at UPSI, we  takes picture together as a  alibis that we have touch our foot at Ipoh . Ipoh mali Ipoh Ipoh mali . .
 From left : one, me, hamdan, kina, k.nurul, mie, kechik and ariff .
Like a monkey or a koala that loss of their mummy ?? 
What the tuuuuttt . . . Hot Hot . . 
Climbing Wall very height ka ?? 
Mie and Bie in the bus lol . .