Sep 14, 2009

� UPSI , Kami Mai La Tu Gak �

Inilah . . barisan kita . . 
Yang ikhlas berjuang . . 
Siap sedia berkorban . .
Untuk ibu pertiwi . .
haa . . this song we will sing while we want go to anywhere in one group . hahaha . so funny rite . anywhere , we are friendship but not friendshit . don't be naughty naughty naa and jealous jealous . oops, forgot . we are from sr223 of faculty sport sciences and recreation uitm shah alam . we are now in degree in sport science . This is a part of our class project of Fitness Evaluation Courses under En.Din . We must take a look a new equipment of fitness evaluation that doesn't have in our laboratory . The journey we are taking from uitm salam to go to the UPSI perak are about 2hour. OOh, in the bus all of us were in dreaming . . Hahahaha . So, non of us know where we are stopping even at the petrol station . Excited of course, plus plus with waaah . . hungry !! isk isk . After arrive at UPSI, we  takes picture together as a  alibis that we have touch our foot at Ipoh . Ipoh mali Ipoh Ipoh mali . .
 From left : one, me, hamdan, kina, k.nurul, mie, kechik and ariff .
Like a monkey or a koala that loss of their mummy ?? 
What the tuuuuttt . . . Hot Hot . . 
Climbing Wall very height ka ?? 
Mie and Bie in the bus lol . .